Hello! I'm Leonilda

I’m a wedding and family photographer based on the island Ischia, Italy. Have you ever been here? If not, you definitely should! I’m so lucky to live here… the sea surrounding us, the hiking paths, the green landscapes are a constant source of inspiration and wellbeing for me.
But I haven’t always lived here. I speak fluent German, so after high school I decided to move to Germany, to my favourite city Hamburg.

In 2016  one of my best friends Arne, who worked as a wedding photographer, brought me to a wedding as his second shooter; the bride and groom might not know it, but their most important day was maybe one of mine too!

Being behind the camera, witnessing their love, felt so natural: I moved back to Italy and started working full time as a photographer. And  here I am now, telling lovely people’s stories!

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8 random facts
about me


I have a thing for Bond movies, I always watch
my favourite ones
in the days around my birthday, it’s a tradition!


I’m probably the worst dancer in the room


If I had a dog, I would name him Togo


I don’t like coffee.
Let’s talk over a spritz!


I have a tattoo of my hometown on my wrist


Tarot reading is a huge passion of mine- but you might have already noticed!


My favourite flowers are white tulips


I write down all my dreams in a dream diary- it’s fun to keep track of them!

The sun card — a bright sun shines in the sky, representing the source of all life on Earth

My wedding
bucket list

One dream at a time... or in this case three! Here is my current wedding bucket list:
1. A wedding with spouses from a different culture, anywhere in the world!
2. A wedding at the  amazing “Villa Cimbrone” in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast
Preferably Corgis
3. The last one is easy: a dog friendly wedding! My dream is to capture a ring- bearing doggo!
If you happen to be organising a wedding that has something to do with one of the above, get in touch with me! I would live to give you a special bucket list discount ;)
What they say about me:

Sara and

The first time we shot with Leonilda was our engagement session in Sant’ Angelo. She immediately managed to make us comfortable in the simplest possible way: by letting us be ourselves, with no frills, just a lot of smiles. I thank her for her splendid work, professionalism and sensitivity. Every time I look at our wedding photos I relive those wonderful moments!


We chose Leonilda as photographer for our family portrait session because of her ability to catch, with her discreet and always attentive eyes, the spontaneity of our gestures, moments of sweetness and little details of happiness. Every time we look at the pictures she took of us, we discover a wonderful story.

Iris and

Leonilda is a great personality and you immediately feel comfortable with her. While shooting she gives you simple tips and tricks about how to act. It was so easy to shoot with her. We hired Leonilda for our ‘business’ shoot for Ontdek Naples in the city center of Naples. And we were more than happy with our photos. And not only we fell in love with the photos, our clients did too. After our shoot we started to work together (offering photoshoots) because she’s just amazing!