Where do you shoot?

I’m based on the beautiful island Ischia, in the gulf of Naples- it’s a destination chosen by many lovely couples from all over the world! But I am open to capture your memories wherever you are! I’m already used to traveling around Italy and Germany  for work assignments.

How much are we going to spend?

I will prepare a tailor made offer based on your needs and the experience you wish to live. In the contact page you will find a contact form waiting for you, and a diagram that explains the steps we are going to take together.

How would you describe your photography style?

If I had to find a few keywords to describe my style, I’d say storytelling, portraiture and much love for details.Most of the time during your wedding day, I like to discretely blend in and go with the flow, but there are a few moments where I take the lead: I care a lot about family portraits because they are timeless and classic, and I’ll give you some directions for couple portraits. My pictures will reflect the wedding’s mood: they could be loud and funny, or intimate and emotional.To give you an example of how I work : during the getting-ready, which is probably my favourite part, I go in total ninja mode and quietly cover these moments, apart from giving you occasional tips on where to position yourself in the room for better lighting. It’s a sacred moment. 

What to wear if we book a portrait session with you?

Outfit and styling tips are always included in the experience we are going to have! I will help you choose the outfits that best match our vision and in which you feel comfortable and gorgeous! I will start you off with the  “3 no’s rule”: no exceptionally bright colors, no contrasting prints and no visible texts or logos on your outfits! :-)  For my moms to be I can offer a selection of custom-made dresses and props.

Can I bring doggos?

Wow, how are you even wondering? It would be a BLAST for me to take portraits of you with your furry friends too! I will bring treats,  I promise. Also, a dog friendly wedding is on my wedding bucket list.

How do you deliver our pictures, and how long does it take to get them?

No matter what service you choose, you will always receive your pictures in a private online gallery, which is very practical because you can share it with friends, save the pictures, mark your favourites and so much more! If You book me for your wedding, you will receive all edited images within 3 months, with little sneak peeks from time to time before the official delivery! Whilst if you book me for a family portrait session, a maternity session, a couple session, you will receive all the edited images within 14 days!

Will we have fun?

Heck yes!  I want you to enjoy yourselves as much as you can, because we are making beautiful memories together! I will give you some directions of course, but our goal is to capture who you are in the most natural possible way. We can even put on some of your favourite songs, during a portrait session! :-)

I want to book you for our wedding. How long before do we have to get in touch with you?

I’m so happy for you! We’re living in crazy times: it’s better to contact all your wedding vendors as soon as you have set a date, to make sure you get the team of your dreams by your side on your special day! Every moment counts, get in touch with me!

I want to book you for a maternity session: when is the best time to shoot?

That’s wonderful news! The perfect time frame to capture this precious moment is between week 28 and 32 of your pregnancy.

Hello, I'm Leonilda

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I’m an italo-german wedding and family photographer currently based on the island of Ischia, in Italy. Besides photography, I have a huge passion for tarot reading and fluffy doggos. Want to read my full story?

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What they say about me:

Sara and

The first time we shot with Leonilda was our engagement session in Sant’ Angelo. She immediately managed to make us comfortable in the simplest possible way: by letting us be ourselves, with no frills, just a lot of smiles. I thank her for her splendid work, professionalism and sensitivity. Every time I look at our wedding photos I relive those wonderful moments!


We chose Leonilda as photographer for our family portrait session because of her ability to catch, with her discreet and always attentive eyes, the spontaneity of our gestures, moments of sweetness and little details of happiness. Every time we look at the pictures she took of us, we discover a wonderful story.

Iris and

Leonilda is a great personality and you immediately feel comfortable with her. While shooting she gives you simple tips and tricks about how to act. It was so easy to shoot with her. We hired Leonilda for our ‘business’ shoot for Ontdek Naples in the city center of Naples. And we were more than happy with our photos. And not only we fell in love with the photos, our clients did too. After our shoot we started to work together (offering photoshoots) because she’s just amazing!